Additional Important Information

Our Server: is connected to the Internet via a high speed, point to point full T1 connection at a web server in California, USA, which provides us dedicated www, ftp and email facility with a comprehensive remote web site management facility.

In fact, this is the same web server prover where CyberIndia Foundation, one of the key promoter of AbrasiveWorld-website has their website viz.

Our server is a Sun Microsystem's Java language ready Sun SPARC hardware with High performance Apache Web server software.

Regular off-site backups:
We will regularly back up all information... just in case.

Responsive customer support via email:
We have installed a very effective email based customer support system to prompty distribute various in-comming mails to different responsible persons across various locations.

In fact, you might use this email base system to simply post all your web content related material to save time and money.

Complete Web Presence service features:

  • Account URL:
  • Unlimited graphical contents of your choice.
  • Unlimited updates to your pages via email.
  • Upto 5 pages sufficient disk space to start, for your initial web presence.
  • Clickable Maps support.
  • Facility to receive email directly from within your homepage.
  • Sun Microsystem's Java language ready Sun SPARC hardware and software.
  • Top Quality T1 Point-to-Point connection to Internet.
  • Form processing support to capture users response.
  • Multimedia ( video, sound, animation etc) support.
  • Structured directory management support.
  • Monthly access statistics summary reports.
  • Responsive customer support via email.
  • High performance Apache Web server.


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