Overview of AbrasiveWorld

AbrasiveWorld.com is a collaborative global website of organizations engaged in Abrasive Products and Machinery Manufacturing, worldwide.

AbrasiveWorld provides Abrasive products and machinery manufacturing organizations with an effective low-cost, comprehensive turnkey Internet presence. As a Service user, you can have your website designed and published on this website to address your potential business users that is unsurpassed for the price point.

What makes AbrasiveWorld Different?

With other Internet related companies, a Web Site and maybe an E-mail Autoresponder is available at cheap price ...and you might endup paying over 20 times this cost for website development (content authoring). With AbrasiveWorld you not only get complete web presence services, at most affordable cost, but also have option to host your already ready website on a single theme - comprehensive webserver for most assured presence across the globe.

AbrasiveWorld Provides:

A complete web presence environment.
is more than just a mall, and it wasn't founded to simply host web sites -- It is a virtual global community of entrepreneurs all with same objectives..Abrasives.

Education and Assistance are available to all members.
A library and a resource center are planned to be stocked with documents and links that explain Internet marketing in great detail. Marketing advice and technical support are only an E-mail note Additionally, Members' sponsors offer individual marketing tutoring and support. Several leading authorities in Abrasive business are already engaged for providing regular electronic marketing updates to keep members informed of the latest developments in Abrasive world.

Web content designing for members.
offers professional web content designing and authoring for all members at a very nominal cost. This is done using professional services extended by IMEXSU in terms of technical inputs to deliver quality contents custom build for each member.

Web hosting and management for members.
AbrasiveWorld charges a very affordable price for hosting the web contents for all members for a agreed period. But most importantly this service is designed to provide some major benefits;

A Package of Benefits

  • AbrasiveWorld doesn't charge any extra for graphical contents ( others charge, per image)
  • All Members can have unlimited graphical contents, in fact, custom scanned for FREE!!
  • A economical web presence package provides each Member sufficient web space and content authoring (web design) plus hosting for one year.
  • Web hosting comes with FREE! unlimited content updating facility... to help keep your website up-to-date all the times.
  • A URL like http://www.AbrasiveWorld.com/YourCompany.
  • Members can work from home...any where in the world.

Effective-low cost Web presence.
An effective Internet presence allows a member to reach out to the global market at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing methods. Members can reduce paper and printing costs, while increasing your advertising reach.

Free business communication..save operating cost.
Members can communicate with people and companies around the world without spending one cent on long distance charges. Additionally, they can mail letters, reports, electronic brochures, estimates, or any other type of business communication to ANY country in the world FREE! and within seconds!

Increase in Revenue.
Members will achieve massive increases in revenue, due to minimum competition! as this industry (web based marketing) is still in its infancy, there is still very little competition. The playing field is open for promoting a variety of products or services


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